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August 11 *CHJA & CHSA*

September 1 *CHJA & CHSA*

September 22 *SCHOOLING*

Quiet Rein Farm Equestrian Team


Enjoy riding as an interscholastic team sport...

Of course the horse and rider partnership is a very important team when it comes to equestrian sports, but the Interscholastic Equestrian Association takes it one step further... join the QRF IEA Team and participate in shows as a team of riders. Riders compete on the home team's horses, and riders are judged on their ability to adapt to riding unfamiliar, but safe and level appropriate, horses. Riders earn points for their team, and at the end of the competition the teams are ranked by point total. IEA competition also allows for individual competition, earning points to qualify for post-season finals against other riders of their ability. 


Join in on the fun...

No need to own a horse of your own! Riders in 4th grade through Seniors in high school are welcome to participate. The best part about IEA is that all levels from walk/trot/canter beginner riders, to advanced jumping riders have a division to participate in. Team riders are required to participate in weekly practices, and keep up with their weekly private lessons. Opportunities to hack extra horses are often available for IEA riders to get extra tack time. Comraderie and team bonding takes place through fund raising, hosting horse shows, practices, and five competition days a season.


IEA Pre-Season

Riders planning to do IEA for the 2019-2020 season are strongly encouraged to do one week of preparatory camp July 22-26 and/or boot camp August 12, 13, and 14. If interested in joining the team, please reach out to Coach Catherine for information at quietreinfarm@gmail.com